Today in El Diario: Earth In a Bad Way on Earth Day, but Green Jobs are Booming


Environment tanks, green jobs take off

For many, Earth Day — which is today — could not come at a worse time, the Spanish-language daily reports.

Though indiscriminate deforestation, water contamination, and nuclear disaster in Japan are just some of today’s environmental crises, green jobs — fields that “help maintain the ecosystem and biodiversity” — are nonetheless booming, according to El Diario.

Ramon Casado, a longtime staffer at the Association for Energy Affordability, told the paper that “green” employment possibilities are growing.

Some of the new jobs, Casado said, include: “the person who goes to homes and puts in energy-saving appliances,” he said. “Also, there are auditors, who make home energy assessments. There are a lot of steps in the process. It’s very involved. So there’s a lot of opportunity.”

Casado told the publication that the way to get involved in green employment is to learn about the materials and the job market. Also, he said, it is important to get certification and continually take professional development courses.

Casado said that the field provides good wages and a decent way of life.
The Bronx leads the boroughs in this industry, and offers sustainable employment programs for the community, the paper reports.

For Borough President Ruben Diaz, Jr., the Bronx’s efforts to cultivate green work — like solar panel installation — in the last few years have been fruitful, the paper reported.
“These are jobs with respectable salaries, and I tell everyone in the Bronx and those who live outside of it that this is a way that we can generate work for our community,” he told the paper. “Most importantly, we can clean up our environment and protect the planet.”

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on April 22, 2011


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