In Defense of the Moist-Mom-Vaginas Intern


Earlier this month, a PR email was sent to bloggers to remind them that Mother’s Day is all about taking “time to educate a woman you love about vaginal dryness and Replens!” Awkward. Who wrote that? PRNewser checked out the story and discovered that “an intern at the firm thought they could come up with a pitch that went ‘beyond content for the newsletter.'” They gave the task of sending out their monthly memos to an intern? How could the vagina moistening company do something so stupid? Not so fast. This intern is absolutely brilliant.

Kristin Stewart, the director of marketing for the parent company of Replens, spoke to PRNewser about the surprisingly positive impact this mishap has given the brand:

It has started conversations in places where we wouldn’t normally have conversations. Women who are suffering with problems should be able to talk about them. We do it about all kinds of crazy things, but this issue, we don’t seem to talk about.

Which is a good point! This stuff is all kinds of serious and women’s health is something our society should discuss more openly — just not at the dinner table please, ladies.

The intern should be proud of his or her gaffe. Who cares if a bunch of blogs made fun of your memo, it got your product name-checked in places that would have never talked about it before. Your mother especially should be so proud of you (no matter what’s going on down there for her) for raising such a creative child!

No press is bad press, right? This is good advertising for Replens. They shouldn’t just throw a commercial on TV about their lady-problems — they’re a dime a dozen and sometimes are even grosser than those Cialis commercials. Instead, they should be funny about this issue! Laugh it up Replens. Your wacky little intern got you a really decent amount of attention.

(Gawker, PRNewser)

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on April 23, 2011

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