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Gabrielle Giffords Can Stand On Her Own; Yemen Protests Escalate As Pres. Says He’ll Quit


Doctors say Gabrielle Giffords can now stand on her own and walk a little bit, and is working on her gait. Her left side is fine, but she’s only been able to use her right side on a limited basis. According to the Arizona Republic, Giffords is still struggling with longer sentences, mostly sticking with shorter declarative phrases like “I miss Tucson.” Every day she does rehab and works on getting used to her new left-handedness. Everyone should really read this article in The Arizona Republic; it’s the most complete picture of Giffords’ nascent recovery that’s been published. [Arizona Republic]

Thousands are protesting in Yemen after a deal was brokered yesterday in which president Ali Abdullah Saleh would step down in exchange for immunity. The deal stipulates that Saleh must leave office in 30 days, and it grants him and those who served his regime complete immunity. Protestors are rejecting the plan, wanting to hold Saleh accountable for the deaths of 140 of their peers. [CNN]

Donald Trump failed to vote in primary elections for 21 years. He told NY1, “I voted in every general election … You’re going to pay a big price because you’re wrong … I have records that I voted and so does the Board of Elections … I signed in at every election.” He is a man devoted to his civic duties. [NY1]

A 24-year-old man from South Carolina was shot dead in East Flatbush while talking on his cellphone. He was visiting relatives. [HuffPo]

“Ex-con plays big role in White House Easter.” [NECN/CNN]

The victim of a vicious video-recorded beating in a Baltimore McDonald’s has come forward, saying that the attack was a hate crime. 22-year-old Chrissy Lee Polis is a transgender woman and said that seeing herself all over the news was like “walking out of the closet all over again.” [Baltimore Sun via Gawker]

The Times has an in-depth look at new NYC education chief Dennis M. Walcott. [NYT]

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