Sister of Suspected Killer in Prikhodko Case Speaks


The sister of Nikolai Rakossi, the Russian army vet who is suspected of killing 56-year-old Tatyana Prikhodko and her daughter Larisa, 28, told the New York Post she thinks her brother has killed himself. Tatyana and Larisa, both nurses, were found stabbed to death on April 16 in the Sheepshead Bay apartment they shared with Rakossi, Tatyana’s boyfriend. Rakossi reportedly fled back to Russia shortly thereafter, where he contacted sister Lydia. According to the Post, he told her, “Please don’t keep any offense in your heart about me. Forgive me. You will never see me again.” Then he hung up.

Lydia and another relative tried to contact Rakossi again after he ended the call, but couldn’t reach him. As for his whereabouts:

“Knowing him, I don’t think he would be able to live with himself and carry the burden of having killed the person he loved more than himself, and her daughter,” Lydia said.

“I think he would follow them to death very soon.”

Police continue to investigate the killings and say they have no evidence yet that Rakossi, who is a Russian citizen, has taken his own life. Nicknamed “Russian Rambo” and a former member of Russian Army special ops, Rakossi will be diffiicult to find — and under Russian law, he can’t be extradited.

His sister told the Post, “If he is still alive and I see him, I will say to him: ‘What have you done? What HAVE you done?’ No one can get away with this. I am going through pictures of him, looking at them, and I am crying, crying, crying.”

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