Diane Savino Hearts Jeffrey Klein, Officially: New York State Senators in Love at Work


Though it went unspoken for a relatively long while, everyone who might’ve cared knew already that New York state senators Diane Savino and Jeffrey Klein are a couple. The pair, dubbed Klavino, “a la Brangelina,” was outed to a larger audience by Page Six earlier this year, but today, comes out to an even larger audience via the New York Times, which reports cutely that Savino, who represents some of Brooklyn and Staten Island, just met Klein’s mom. We’re holding out for a headline-grabbing baby or at least some big public fights about where the senate stars will summer.

State senate co-workers since 2005, the pair got extra close on a cold day. “We went socks shopping,” says Savino. But it’s the duo’s independent caucus, along with David Valesky and David Carlucci that has the most possible political repercussions, mostly because it was Klein’s idea. (Klein represents sections of the Bronx and Westchester.)

And so the pair must work to work to balance their personal lives and political allegiances. Their handling of it in front of a reporter is clumsy, to say the least:

“It’s insulting, and frankly, it’s insulting to all female legislators,” Ms. Savino said. “Anyone you talk to will tell you I’m not the type of person to follow any man, anywhere.”

She grabbed Mr. Klein’s elbow and added, with a laugh: “Not that he’s not worth following.”

But it’s innocuous too. (For the moment.) Savino admits that the possibility of a break-up is precarious — “If it doesn’t work out, you run the risk of ruining not just friendship but a working relationship” — and now that Albany is just about out of its miserable winter, body heat becomes less essential. Yes, we’re begging for some juicier gossip.


This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on April 25, 2011


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