Pie Corps Promises New York More “Soul Satisfying” Pie


Just because the notion of pie as the new cupcakes proved to be a bit of a nonstarter, that doesn’t mean that bakers aren’t still bound and determined to build businesses upon it. To wit: Pie Corps, the new pie company that will be making its debut at this Sunday’s New Amsterdam Market.

According to its website, Pie Corps is the brainchild of Felipa Lopez, an acupuncturist, and Cheryl Perry, a classically trained chef. Somewhat unsurprisingly, their pies “are made from scratch, using the freshest seasonally inspired & locally sourced ingredients available.” Which means flour “milled from New York State red winter wheat,” butter from a Vermont dairy-farmer cooperative, lard from a pig farmer in Washington County, and produce and meat from farms throughout New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.

Pie Corps offers their eponymous wares in various formations: In addition to rounds (so vanilla!), they come baked in mason jars, formed into rectangular hand pies and mini rounds (also known, punnily enough, as palm pielettes), and stuck on the end of lollipop sticks.

Current savory flavors include monkfish with greens; pancetta, greens, and beans; and fried chicken pie; the sweet end of the spectrum includes salted honey, maple nutmeg custard, and black bottom oatmeal.

In addition to appearing at New Amsterdam throughout the season, Pie Corps currently does catering and wholesale orders. There’s no indication a Pie Corps storefront is on the horizon, but given that Brooklyn reportedly “feels more heartland than Big Apple,” we won’t be surprised if Four & Twenty Blackbirds one day finds itself with some competition.


This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on April 25, 2011


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