The Feds Confiscate Kinder Eggs, Putting Our Tax Dollars to Work


The Consumer Product Safety Commission is taking the Kinder egg threat very, very seriously. Following its ban of the dastardly chocolate eggs, the CPSC spent last week raiding stores that carry them.

DNAinfo reports that the feds visited Economy Candy, London Candy Co., and Jin Market with the purpose of confiscating the eggs, which the CPSC banned because they are seen as a choking hazard (the hollow eggs contain a plastic toy in their center). Children in Europe, where the eggs are manufactured, are apparently more impervious to choking than their American counterparts, or perhaps their parents are less inclined to let them eat plastic.

Tellingly, London Candy Co.’s proprietor found the CPSC visitation “amusing,” telling the website that “It’s a bloody chocolate with a toy inside. It’s not smuggling crack cocaine.” Or, for that matter, Happy Meals.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on April 25, 2011

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