The World Will Be Overrun by Cats Named After Prince William


Today in important royal wedding-related news, William has become an extremely popular name for cats. In fact, reports CNN, the name “William” has experienced a tremendous upswing in popularity this year, to the extent that “if the trend continues there will be a nearly 70 percent increase the number of cats named after the royal in 2011.” Of course, this has to be because of the royal wedding, because why else would anyone name a cat William instead of Maurice or Kenny or Todd? And how must Charles feel?

Intriguingly, “Kate” and “Catherine” are way more popular names for dogs than are “Will” or “William.” Why? We have no idea. Our cat was named Patches, because she was many different colors. Related: People are nuts.

Cat ladies love Prince William [CNN]

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on April 25, 2011

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