Butternut Squash Pizza at Grandaisy Bakery


Grandaisy Bakery’s butternut squash pizza is irresistible, for carnivores as well as vegetarians.

You’re doubtlessly familiar with Grandaisy Bakery‘s pizza bianca, a Roman flatbread, all blond, knobby, and salty, that marries well with any nosh you might serve at a party — whether it be cheese, pâté, or garlic-laced olive oil — but also tastes great by itself if you happen to be just sitting around and reading the newspaper.

You’re probably also familiar with the giant square pizzas they cook up, then slice into rectangular portions. Cauliflower may be your favorite, or potato, or mushroom — made with woodsy resuscitated dried porcinis.

From time to time a new slice appears, and today it was butternut squash pizza ($3.50). The top is densely carpeted with butternut squash, the deep orange color made even more intense by application of olive oil and by roasting. The slice is further flavored with chopped scallions, and there’s a sprinkle of cheese, too, which is undetectable except by the enhanced richness it confers.

And the sweetness generated in the squash makes it possible to be entirely satisfied with only two slices — one as your main course, and one for dessert.

Grandaisy Bakery
73 Sullivan Street
250 West Broadway
176 West 72nd Street

The legendary potato slice

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on April 26, 2011

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