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Donald Trump Is Trolling Barack Obama So Hard Right Now


Donald Trump is the currently the country’s biggest troll. According to Wikipedia, a reliable source for things like this, a troll “is someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking other users into a desired emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.” But Trump isn’t trolling 4chan, he’s trolling the entire nation. His latest trolling tactic is saying that President Barack Obama was “not qualified to attend Harvard and Columbia universities,” reports the New York Daily News. Attacking Obama’s grades from high school? Trump is grasping for straws already.

Other choice quotes on the subject include:

“How does a bad student go to Columbia and then to Harvard? I’m thinking about it, I’m certainly looking into it. Let him show his records.”

“I have friends who have smart sons with great marks, great boards, great everything and they can’t get into Harvard.”

“We don’t know a thing about this guy. There are a lot of questions that are unanswered about our President.”

What we finally do know about our President, thanks to CNN, is that he was born in America. All of that “birther” nonsense can finally be put to rest. We hope that Obama is somewhere right now finishing his plans to cancel Christmas in celebration. Then maybe he can get around to finishing the coding for the communist robot army.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on April 26, 2011

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