Sara Jenkins May Open More Porchettas, Wants to Write a Memoir


Here’s some potentially, albeit highly speculative, good news for Porchetta-philes: Sara Jenkins may give the city more roast pork.

In an interview with Jenkins on Restaurant Girl, Danyelle Freeman mentioned that she’d heard that Jenkins was thinking of opening Porchetta locations on the Upper West Side and in Williamsburg. Jenkins didn’t confirm or deny the information, saying instead that “It’s all about identifying the funding.”

Porchettas in Williamsburg and on the Upper West Side sound like a no-brainer, particularly given the successful expansion of Jenkins’ East 7th Street neighbors Luke’s Lobster. But to our hummus-obsessed minds, what sounds even more interesting is Jenkins’ admission that she’s interested in doing a “Lebanese restaurant, but doing all that quick, take-away stuff with care and quality ingredients.” Although Jenkins is known for her Italian cooking, her Olives & Oranges cookbook features several recipes of the Middle Eastern persuasion, and if they’re any indication, the lady knows what she’s doing.

So it sounds like she wouldn’t have time to go all Gabrielle Hamilton and write a memoir, but Jenkins is interested in that, too, saying she’d “really like to write about my experience growing up in Tuscany next to these peasant farmers who went from having no electricity and running water to having all the conveniences of modern life in the space of about ten years.”

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This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on April 26, 2011


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