It makes perfect sense that an art collective from sunny California wouldn’t keep their show indoors. For Intervals, the San Francisco–based Futurefarmers have created a 10-day “thinkery” at the Guggenheim Museum, where participants can leave the museum’s galleries to engage in public dialogues with contemporary thinkers around the city. The show, which opened May 4, was inspired by Simon the Shoemaker’s shop, where Socrates would hold philosophical dialogues in an informal classroom setting. Now you can go back to fifth-century Athens today at 10 a.m. at the shoemaker atelier inside the museum, where Gillian Stewart, associate professor of environmental science at Queens College, will meet you for a day-long outing titled “The Urban Ecology of New York City Starts With a Knowledge of the Land Under Our Feet.” During the program, the group will collect sidewalk dirt to make a special “Futurefarmers ink,” which will be used on Wednesday to create a transcript of the conversation for the group’s Pedestrian Press (it involves grabbing passers-by and letting them walk on paper wearing something called “printing shoes”). Oh, California, you’re so wacky.

May 10-14, 2011