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Going Rate to Survive After Having Sex With a Mobster’s Wife? $50,000.


Once of the unexpected joys in the murder trial of Vinny Gorgeous (a/k/a Bonanno family crime boss) is the revelation of all sorts of new mafia-based learning, like in naming conventions and linguistics and style, and even micro-economics. Today, we learn that the price of impregnating a crime associate’s wife comes in two flavors: death, or 50 grand. The owner of Staten Island’s Trattoria Romana chose $50,000 (with $10,000 going to a New Jersey crime family as a “broker’s fee”) instead of getting…yes…whacked, reports the Daily News.

“Instead of [the restaurant owner] getting killed, he’d have to pay a tax,” [Salvatore] Volpe said in Brooklyn Federal Court at the murder trial of Bonanno boss Vincent (Vinny Gorgeous) Basciano. “It was basically a penalty.”

So practical! And less messy. Though, you imagine, still a bit awkward at cocktail parties.

The impregnated party was Volpe’s wife. After learning of the affair — and after she tried to pass her unborn baby off as his own — he sought counsel not from “a divorce lawyer, but from his crew leader, Bonanno soldier John Palazzolo.” He was also apparently rather happy to get the cash as “the Bonannos barely steered any work to his plumbing business.”

Restaurant owner knocked up my wife and paid $50G to live, mobster testifies at Vinny Gorgeous trial [NYDN]

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on April 27, 2011

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