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Leon Panetta to Be Appointed Defense Secretary, General David Petraeus as CIA Director; Barack Obama in NYC Today


CIA Director Leon Panetta, 72, is to be named by Barack Obama as the successor to Robert Gates as defense secretary. Sources say that General David Petraeus will be named as the replacement for Panetta, and Ryan Crocker will be the new U.S. ambassador to Afghanistan. Obama is expected to make the nomination announcements Thursday. [CNN]

An Afghan military officer shot and killed eight NATO service members and a contractor who were meeting on the military side of Kabul International Airport. Though the Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack, the Afghan Army disputes that. [NYT]

Donald Trump is a China-basher, angry over China taking American jobs away! Donald Trump’s “Signature Collection” is manufactured in China. Hypocrisy or stupidity? Please discuss. [Salon]

Trump is heading to New Hampshire, ostensibly about that whole “running for president” thing. [NBC NY]

Barack Obama is in New York today. He’ll arrive around 5 p.m. at JFK and go to a fundraiser at the Waldorf, as well as a fundraiser at a home on the Upper East Side, then to see the Roots. Expect traffic “situations” on the FDR and Upper East Side. [PIX 11]

Trees have been delivered to Westminster Abbey for the royal wedding. Real trees! [Telegraph]

A pub singer in the U.K. has been arrested for racism for singing “Kung Fu Fighting.” (No relation to the royal wedding — is that even on their song list?) [Daily Mail]

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on April 27, 2011

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