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NYPD Ticket Fixing Scandal: Third Prosecutor Added to Handle Expected Mass of Disciplinary Cases


The NYPD has transferred a third civilian attorney to its department advocate’s office to handle disciplinary cases arising from the ticket fixing scandal — which could envelope anywhere from 40 to 500 officers and union delegates, depending on various reports.

In previous weeks, two lawyers were transferred from the criminal division to the department advocate, which prosecutes police disciplinary cases. A third was moved last week. The moves were seen as evidence of the extent of the scandal.

Meanwhile, police columnist Murray Weiss reports that secret recordings of 30 cops detail instances where they tried to trash domestic violence reports and drunken driving incidents involving off-duty officers. Weiss says investigators found 240 unprocessed summonses in the locker of a union delegate in Lower Manhattan. A Bronx grand jury is hearing evidence in connection with the probe.

And the Daily News reports that Bronx D.A. Robert Johnson tried to challenge a speeding ticket in traffic court in May, 2009, and lost. To his credit, Johnson, according to his spokesman, never used his title to dispute the summons.

The Daily News also reported that Officer William Goss, a highway patrolman, was scheduled to be interviewed yesterday by Internal Affairs.

And a retired NYPD officer wrote a letter to the New York Post noting that ticket fixing has been going for decades. He tells the story of how as a rookie sergeant, he ordered cops to ticket 30 cars which had been double-parked for more than an hour outside Prospect Hall in Brooklyn.

“The next day, I was called in by the precinct commander, who excoriated me because the owner of Prospect Hall was a friend of the borough commander,” he writes. “All the tickets were removed from the summons box and destroyed, and I was transferred. So much for doing the right thing.”

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on April 27, 2011

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