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This Week in the Voice: Juan Cáceres, Villainous Community Hero


This week in the Voice, Victoria Bekiempis tells the sordid tale of Juan Cáceres, founder of the Spanish Harlem nonprofit CECOMEX. Cáceres is revered by many in his community as an exemplary leader, even after “being convicted of second-degree rape — of his own daughter, from the time she was 11 until she was 14.” He will still be celebrated this Cinco de Mayo by his defenders, principally “because they think he’s a Good Samaritan, Cáceres must be a good person.”

Robert Sietsema checks out Midtown’s Hofbrau Bierhaus, a true-blue extension of the famed Munich institution. If you can stand the noise (he clocked it at, no joke, 145 dBs), you’ll find an “extensive” menu. “Unfortunately, much of it was awful, with a frozen-and-reheated taste that explained how the menu manages to be so ambitious.

Also in Midtown, Lauren Shockey visits La Silhouette, an upscale French joint. It’s expensive and serves up interesting fare that she likens to what “Louis XIV would have served at Versailles had he been an Applebee’s franchisee.

Martha Schwendener takes in Gustav Metzger’s first solo New York show, which “is a good introduction to the artist’s ethos, in which objects — and, to some extent, exhibitions — are secondary to activism, engagement, and participation.”

Nat Hentoff has plenty of questions for new Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott. Will he have the answers?

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This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on April 27, 2011


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