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Boy Asks Girl to Prom by Dancing His Heart Out


It’s almost May, and that means prom is coming up! Have you asked that special someone yet? If not, we’re sorry to have to tell you that no matter how you ask your date to join you on the”best night of your life,” you’re going to be completely upstaged by this kid. He puts on an awesome routine to “Fantasy” by Breakbot with his friends and gives his object of affection some nice flowers. Step your game up, other 17-year-olds! [Note: Video really starts up at 1:20]
The video appeared on Reddit yesterday from the kid’s older brother (GirlsCallMeMatty) in a post called “Totally did high school wrong…How my little brother asked a fine young woman to prom.” He adds a few more details: “Funny part though was the crowd was never supposed to happen. My little brother told me he just put a chair down in the middle of the hallway and a huge crowd materialized out of nowhere. He faces suspension because he created a fire hazard.”

Not a suspension! We hope this will turn out like one of those moments on MTV’s “High School Stories” where the school’s students enjoy something awesome and the principal steps in and ruins everything by suspending the students, only to be thwarted later by a large-scale student protest. (Seriously though, isn’t every episode of that show the same?)

2011 has been a great year for guys asking girls to prom in crazy ways. Back in February, Jason Pitts made it harder for everyone else in his school to look good by singing an original song to his girlfriend in front of her whole class (the song’s called “Prom Song (Lianna, You’re So Beautiful)” and can be downloaded so you can listen to it while you cry really hard in your room at night.

But a quick word of advice for all of these High School Musical wannabes! Remember the golden rule: Prom is only lasts for one night, and one night only. Girls will talk about how special your “ask” was until they hook up with that hot lacrosse player who lives on their floor in college — it’s just high school, after all. Save all of these great ideas for marriage proposals; they’ll talk about that for the rest of their lives!

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on April 28, 2011


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