Chiddy From Chiddy Bang Is Saying Literally Anything Right Now


Right now, Chidera Anamege–a.k.a. Chiddy from the Philly rap duo Chiddy Bang–is attempting to break the world record for longest freestyle rap. He started at 2:43 PM EDT, so he’ll have to rap until midnight tonight to surpass the previous holder, the Indianapolis rapper M-Eighty, who rapped for 9 hours, 15 minutes, and 15 seconds back in 2009.

Since this is the hyperinteractive age and all, Chiddy is crowdsourcing potential topics for his freestyle via Twitter: tweeting @realchiddy with the hashtag #rapworldrecord will get you into his stream. Nine hours is, after all, a long time.

A quick look at the Internet did not reveal a set of rules that Chiddy has to abide by, so this writer decided to make some up:

1. Only five “uh”s allowed per minute. Any more than that and you’re really just stalling, Chiddy.
2. One water break per five minutes. I understand that your mouth will get dry, but let’s not get carried away.
3. No Kanye anything. (Too easy.)

In all seriousness, good luck to Chiddy. While the raps may not be stellar (“I am for profit, you not for this/you non-profit”), rapping for nine hours can’t be an enjoyable experience for his throat or his brain.

Watch Chiddy talk about the record here.