“Dump Trump!” Urges Noted Historian


Historian Douglas Brinkley said on CNN that NBC should take a dump on Trump — I mean dump Donald Trump.

According to the linked write-up:

“Brinkley pinned the blame for the reemergence of birtherism on NBC Entertainment for giving real estate mogul Donald Trump a primetime platform.

“Brinkley called on NBC to immediately drop Trump’s show, The Apprentice, from its lineup.

“If NBC decides to keep Trump on the air, Brinkley called on corporate sponsors to pull their ads or face a massive consumer boycott.”

I don’t know, I’d rather go with the ad boycott — which I’ve already been practicing for years — than urge the network to dump the show because of Trump’s political views.

That would only martyr him — and then someone else would surely pick him up and he’d become even more of a crazed certificate queen!

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on April 28, 2011

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