Ex-Buckingham Palace Butler Teaches Hoity-Toity Service at FCI


Christopher Ely, a proper English butler who has served under the queen at Buckingham Palace, will next month offer a series of weeklong courses in estate-management studies at the French Culinary Institute. In other words, he’ll be teaching how to serve, do laundry, clean, and organize like a regular Jeeves, all for the bargain price of $1,995 per class.

Per AP, the courses will cater to people working on estates, on yachts, and in celebrity homes. But it’s not all about learning where the salad fork goes in a proper place setting. Ely’s courses are tailored to the contemporary world, he says, including how to clean pizza from a carpet and the “dying art” of ironing. Pinkies up, now.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on April 28, 2011


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