Human Cheese Rears Its Ugly Head Once More, Hopefully for the Last Time


Stealing nourishment from babies yet again. Num, num, num.

Well, Miriam Simun is at it again. You’ll remember she’s the gal who, in pursuit of an MFA in interactive telecommunications, has proposed turning women into farm animals by way of using their milk to make human cheese. Proving, at least, that if you put cash on the barrelhead at NYU, they’ll award you an advanced degree in nearly anything.

The cheese is illegal, of course, though the city’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene authorities are unlikely to call her on it, since they’re busy closing down restaurants that keep cow’s milk a degree or two above optimum temperature.

Tonight the Michael Mut Gallery will be transformed into the Lady Cheese Shop, and guests will be invited to taste what the gallery assures us on its website is “virus-free” human cheese, perhaps in response to Fork in the Road’s Five Reasons Cheese Made From Human Milk is Disgusting.

Go if you dare, but be assured that actually tasting the cheese will be much easier than understanding Simun’s convoluted pseudo-technical explanation of why making human cheese is a great idea.

“Three delicious different human cheeses will be available (made from the milk of three different women), accented with food pairings inspired by the terroir of each cheese, created by Chef Sarah Hymanson. Over cheese and wine participants will be invited to consider and discuss this immodest proposal” (from the Michael Mut website).

Michael Mut Gallery
97 Avenue C
Thursday, April 28, 7-10 p.m.

At Feast in Greenpoint this past February

Thanks to Scott “Scooter” Pellegrino for the tip.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on April 28, 2011


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