Videographer Captures ‘Mystery Engagement’ in Brooklyn Bridge Park…Was This You?


Despite our cold, corroded hearts, this video from an innocent bystander ostensibly hoping to capture the gorgeous sunset — but instead getting on tape a couple’s engagement moment — kinda even brought out a few of what we call “eye tears.” Unless it’s staged! Be it not staged. Why must we be so cynical? Anyway, this reminds us of the movie Blow-Up, except way, way happier. Update: The videographer speaks, after the jump!

Francesca D’Urbano, who posted the video on March 29, writes “On a Saturday afternoon, in the Brooklyn Bridge Park, shooting a timelapse of the Manhattan skyline. By chance, in my framing a man proposed to a woman.”

UPDATE: We got in touch with D’Urbano, 27, who is from Rome. She posted the video and heard nothing, so created Facebook and Craigslist ads as well. Still without success, she sent the video to the Brooklyn Bridge Park website. She told us, “I’m really interested to find them! I was in New York city for 3 months (January through March) to do a stage at Magnum Photos. Since I wanted to create a video about the city and my experience there, on that afternoon I was at BBP shooting a timelapse of the Manhattan skyline. Absolutely by chance, in my framing a man proposed to a woman. I would really like to show them this video and if you can help me it would be great!”

She also told us, “I was there near my camera, but when they went away I didn’t want to ruin the moment coming between them.”

Here’s her final video from the project, called “Only 90 Days.” You can find the proposal at 3:32, and at 4:30, the timelapse.

Did you get engaged recently in Brooklyn Bridge Park? Your video is ready. Get in touch!

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This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on April 28, 2011

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