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Vinny Gorgeous Ordered Kissing Ban for Mobsters, Tired of Bologna for Lunch


More from the murder trial of Vinny Gorgeous (a/k/a Vinny Basciano, a/k/a the Bonanno family crime boss): Giuseppe “Joey” Gambina testified that cheek-kissing was banned by Basciano after he became paranoid that the government was onto them and even taking pictures. Saddest words ever, via the New York Post?

“We don’t kiss in public no more,” Gambina, 42, said a suddenly bashful Basciano told him.

Now that Basciano is on trial kissing is less of a concern. The crime boss’s latest worry is, apparently, that he would like more than the “one slice of bologna” he ate yesterday for lunch; instead, could his lawyer pick something up from the court cafeteria? After all, man cannot live on bologna alone! The judge seemed to agree.

‘Pecking’ order [NYP]

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on April 28, 2011


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