City Council Rethinks Alternate Side Parking


Having a car in the city can be trying at the least, because not only do you have to navigate the traffic on a daily basis, but even when you’re not driving the car you still have to move it to make way for street-cleaning services. Lucky for car owners, life might be getting much sweeter. New York’s City Council passed a measure yesterday that could potentially mean one less day per week NYC drivers have to move their cars due to alternate side parking regulations.

Under the bill, a local community board could reduce street cleaning to once a week under the provision that the community keeps its streets in order for two years and maintains a 90% cleanliness rate.

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn commented on the proposal saying, “It is often true that less is more, and right now New Yorkers need less burdensome parking regulations to make life a little bit easier.”

According to the Mayor’s office, Bloomberg is expected to sign the bill into law.