It’s Now Time to Eat the Royal Wedding Pizza


Fork in the Road salutes the royal couple, and hopes the Tea Party types here will forget their hatred of England long enough to have a slice. The pizza was a promotional stunt by Papa John’s, and probably isn’t very good. Is wedding food ever good? (Kate’s neck looks kinda gross, and her turkey cleavage is lumpy.)

Four more takes on the foodistic propensities of the royal couple:

Made with carrots, cauliflower, turkey, and peas. Why must Caucasian-ness always be represented with turkey? And now they’ve got the prince’s nose all wrong!


Why can’t my barista do this?

[Via TNT Magazine]

And let’s not forget, the PEZ royal couple, which was recently auctioned off for $13,000, with the proceeds given to charity:

English Woolworth’s made this plate in 2006, in anticipation of a royal wedding. Note that the date has been rendered “200?”:

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on April 29, 2011


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