Kate Middleton’s Wedding Dress Revealed!


Perhaps we’re in the small percentile that cares about the Royal Wedding enough to wake up at this ungodly hour. Though in our defense, we were in diapers during Princess Diana’s Royal Wedding, so this is our first go at a sovereign shebang. And really, who gives a rat’s ass that our curiosity got the best of us? This is as prestigious as it gets and we’re finally going to see that dress!

Much speculation has been made about which designer Kate Middleton would wear on the most important day of her life, though Alexander McQueen’s bridal gown, under the creative direction of Sarah Burton, has been a front-runner since the beginning. Choosing a dress must have been such a complicated ordeal for Middleton because so much is riding on that dress. Not only will it be representing her personal style, but also signifying what kind of princess she will be.

We do know that Middleton’s gown will have to have sleeves — anything less at the Abbey would be a scandal.

So what dress did the Princess-to-be (who did her own makeup today, mind you) choose?

It’s McQueen!!!

In the first glimpse of the dress we notice it has long lace sleeves, like we were told it would, with a plunging v-neckline.

Most of us wondered if Middleton would wear a gown as striking as Diana’s huge and elaborate poofy dress that almost hid her entire body. However, with Middleton we see a perfect silhouette of a dress. Lots of embroidery with a translucent veil over her face.

“Miss Middleton chose British brand Alexander McQueen for the beauty of its craftsmanship and its respect for traditional workmanship and the technical construction of clothing. Miss Middleton wished for her dress to combine tradition and modernity with the artistic vision that characterises Alexander McQueen’s work. Miss Middleton worked closely with Sarah Burton in formulating the design of her dress.”

Well done!

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on April 29, 2011

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