Late Night Subway Map Helps Get You Home At All Hours


Waiting for a train at night is sometimes the scariest thing you’ll ever have to do in New York. (Some stations are outside and cold.) So it’s always good to know which trains are coming and when. Here lies one of the MTA’s worst problems: nights and weekends are always so confusing! Who knows what trains will show up to which stations. There’s a vicious rumor that the N train goes rogue at night and just stops at whatever station it wants — it’ll take the ferry to Staten Island and just drive around if it feels like it! But thankfully the brains behind the New York City biking blog Astoria Bike put together the most servicey thing we’ve seen in a long time — a subway map exclusively for the late night schedule. Larger image after the jump, to help get you home.

Apparently, Astoria Bike tried to help the MTA personally but things didn’t go too well. They write:

After that night I actually wrote the MTA and offered to make a map night for them. Not surprisingly, I sort of got the runaround. So I did my best with photoshop and what I could find on line. I know the MTA is kind of anal about things like this, but my intentions are pure and non-commercial. This is a public service. I did the best I could. And any errors are my own (do let me know if you find mistakes). I do not claim any rights to this map (nor should you). It’s the MTA’s, if they want it. But they had nothing to do with the production.

This is actually pretty surprising considering that the MTA has put a lot of its data online to let programmers create tools for writers.

Here’s the map made by Astoria Bike:


This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on April 29, 2011


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