South Street Seaport Will Indeed Get Beer, and a Reality Show Restaurant


Although Community Board 1 put the kibosh on plans for a beer garden at South Street Seaport’s Pier 17, the seaport will be getting plenty of action this summer.

The Tribeca Trib reports that Pier 17 is back in the hands of Tom Fox, the founder of Water Taxi Beach. Fox, who opened Water Taxi Beach on Pier 17 three years ago, was hoping to transfer the operation to Telly Hatzigeorgiu. But Hatzigeorgiu withdrew his liquor-license application in the wake of CB1’s insistence that he restrict the opening hours of his planned beer garden, so Fox is now planning to use the space to open his own beer garden, minus the alterations Hatzigeorgiu intended. Which means, in part, it will still have Water Taxi Beach’s plastic palm trees, rather than the real, live pear trees Hatzigeorgiu had planned to bring in.

Elsewhere on South Street Seaport, reality TV will soon rear its hoary head in the shape of the winning restaurant from America’s Next Great Restaurant. DNAinfo reports that it will open on Monday at 199 Front Street, and serve meatballs, soul food, or modern Indian cuisine, depending on who wins the final round. Whether any of those concepts will be a victory for seaport dining is also open to speculation.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on April 29, 2011


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