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With One Crazy British Stunt Over, Another Begins


As his country was trying to get some shut-eye last night before its big gay wedding in the morning, Jon Beeby had left London and was arriving in New York City for a very different kind of commitment.

The tall, strapping young man, all six-foot-four of him, plans to start walking Sunday from a friend’s place in Long Beach. And then he’s going to keep walking. And walking.

The crazy Brit is setting out to break the record for crossing the United States on foot. He’s hoping to end up at the Santa Monica Pier in California in about three months.

And if he doesn’t break the record? “I’ll set the record for a Brit,” he said last night at a bar in midtown.

He figures he’ll need to cover about 40 miles a day, walking for about 10 hours out of each 24. A friend will be traveling along in an RV, and after heading pretty much due west, once he hits Chicago he’ll follow historic Route 66.

Naturally, as these things go, he’s raised funds for the trip by making it a benefit for charity. A former college rugby player, he’s going to be donating to some kind of rugby organization that helps kids. Read more about it, and about his route, and keep up on his progress, at his website,

Last night, pondering the enormity of his task, he seemed anxious to set out, and was especially looking forward to the vistas of the American West. Easy, young fella. Just take it one step at a time!

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on April 29, 2011


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