David Chang to Serve Duck, Titillate Trend Forecasters


If you’ve been wondering what David Chang is planning to do with the recently vacated Milk Bar space, wonder no longer: It will become a shrine of sorts to waterfowl.

Over at Grub Street the Robs bring word that Chang has installed a five-spit Rotisol rotisserie where there were once crack pie and compost cookies, and will use it to roast ducks for an all-duck counter-service lunch menu that’s scheduled to kick off next week. It will be served Monday through Friday, and replace Ssäm Bar’s prix-fixe menu.

The ducks, of course, are not of the anonymous, haphazardly sourced variety, but ducklings hailing from the North Fork’s Crescent Farm. They will be roasted and served over rice with scallion pancakes or Bibb lettuce, wrangled into a duck sandwich with assorted ducky components, and stuffed into wontons for soup.

The idea for all of this, incidentally, came not from Chang but from Ryan Miller, one of Ssäm’s chefs, but since it will be made manifest under the Great One’s auspices, expect a predictably substantial number of restaurants to follow suit, and duck to start following in bacon’s footsteps: If you one day find yourself eating maple-duck prosciutto ice cream and attempting to choke down duck vodka, you know who to blame.