Mariah Carey: Totally One Of Those People Who Takes Meanings From Songs’ Titles (And Nothing Else)


Songbird and butterfly enthusiast Mariah Carey gave birth to twins over the weekend, and according to reports, the first song she played for the kids was her monster 2005 hit “We Belong Together.” OK, it’s a much-better-than-fine ballad, and one that certainly is worth a spin at many a pop-song-bereft moment, but it’s kind of a bummer way to welcome kids into the world, no? (A reminder of the words that lead into the chorus: “When you left I lost a part of me/ It’s still so hard to believe/ Come back baby, please/ ‘Cause we belong together.” Maybe she’s pre-emptively mourning their leaving the nest for college in 2029?)

I was going to say that she could have played them “Always Be My Baby” (above) instead, but, nope, that song’s sad too (“Now you want to be free/ So I’m letting you fly/ ‘Cause I know in my heart babe/ Our love will never die, no”). So many emotions! (Oh, there’s a good pick, maybe?) Who knows, perhaps this is all a prelude to a whole album of tweaked bits of her back catalog–Visions Of Maternal Love: Mariah Carey’s Hits, Reimagined As Lullabyes. At the very least, some of the tracks from her canceled 2010 remix album Angel’s Advocate could be rescued for the cause.