‘Most People’ Think Barack Obama Got Laid Last Night


TMZ is yet again asking the important — ahem — questions. Apparently 80 percent of Americans (who answer TMZ polls) think that Barack and Michelle had sex last night after he “hunted down and killed the most evil man on the planet.” This beats Obama’s odds in TMZ’s previous Did the POTUS Get Laid? poll, in which 74 percent believed that his presidential election was consummated in the bedroom. Killing the world’s most wanted terrorist is apparently slightly hotter than becoming president. Of course, the majority of us will never do either.

From TMZ:

That “Note on Poll” links to the obvious disclaimer: “NOTE: Poll results are not scientific and reflect the opinions of only those users who chose to participate. Poll results are not reflected in real time.”

[Obama — Sex After bin Laden Announcement?!? via TMZ]