Oh Great, The First Piece Of SEO Pop Regarding The Past Day’s Events Has Arrived


“SEO Pop,” for those of you who might be confused by the genre named by pop-lyric scholar Andy Hutchins, is the umbrella term given to those songs about bleeding-edge-current topics that are released via the speedy dissemination tools offered by the Internet, whether they’re covers of currently popular tracks or riffs on the day’s most-searched-upon news; they’re frequently used by musicians to draw attention to themselves in a very crowded landscape. In general these sorts of songs are not very good or insightful because they’re rush jobs, and they tend to make everyone involved in their internet-wide dissemination feel if not bad, then vaguely icky–which is to say that they’re pretty much designed for the current moment of too many media outlets and not enough eyeballs. So it is that the California MC Hot Rod, a protégé of SEO Pop pioneer 50 Cent, has capitalized on the Google Trends of the moment by releasing “Osama Bin Laden Is Dead.” It samples LMFAO and has “cover art” that’s a ripoff of the George Condo painting on the cover of “Power.” There are also Charlie Sheen references. May 2011 in a super-lazy nutshell, after the jump.

(OK, fine. One comment. I’m pretty sure this dude was inspired by “James Brown Is Dead,” which is like five billion times better. Remember?

[Via Popdust. (Look, there dude is with 50 Cent!) Pic via RahelSharon on Flickr.]