The New Moe’s May Not Be Unbearably Pretentious


More and more, it seems like everything good about New York is either closing or being replaced by something odious. Last week, it appeared that Moe’s, the 10-year-old neighborhood bar on Lafayette Avenue in Fort Greene, would be added to that tally: Its new owners had plans to transform the unassuming bar into a club called, ominously, Navada.

But as The Brooklyn Paper reports, that seems to no longer be the case. The new owners “promise to keep the watering hole as-is,” and may even keep the Moe’s name intact.

Moe’s previous owners fell victim to (surprise) a rent hike; the space now commands $1,100 in monthly rent. When the bar’s devoted clientele got wind of what was to become of it, they made their disgust known, causing the new owners to renege on their plans. Moe’s will apparently still get a bit of a makeover and also serve appetizers when it reopens, but at least it won’t look like the Meatpacking District.