Aki Goes Macrobiotic for Lunch


West Village Japanese restaurant Aki (181 West 4th Street, 212-989-5440) has shifted its focus slightly and now offers macrobiotic fare come lunchtime. Japanese food is already considered to be relatively healthful, so why would the restaurant want to switch to an even more zen regime?

“Because the people need it right now. Macrobiotic food is very healthy and necessary for people,” explains owner Yumi Nakanishi, who runs the West Village restaurant with her husband. “The biggest difference is that there’s no meat and just a little fish. It’s mostly grains and vegetables, and we try to use organic ingredients as much as possible.”

For now, Aki Café Petit Macrobiotic will be just a lunchtime fixture from noon to 3, and the following 10 dishes are available in a set lunch box:

Soba Salad; Summer Roll; Sweet Potato Pasta; Salmon Kenchin Roll; Tofu Salad With Corn Soup; Tofu Pizza; Five Kinds of Seaweed Salad; Steamed Vegetable Dumpling; Sushi (3 pieces); and Sashimi Salad.

Nakanishi also adds that Aki will try to create a macrobiotic dinner menu once finishing touches have been made to the lunch menu. Until then, though, you can get your Japanese macrobiotic dinner fix at Souen. Because what would this city be without multiple Japanese macrobiotic joints?