Bluebird Coffee Shop to Lose Its Excellent Pastries


Although it looks like Bluebird Coffee Shop’s name will remain intact when it reopens later this week, its wonderful pastries won’t.

Bluebird’s owners recently sold the shop and name to Alexander Hall and Sabrina Godfrey, the owners of Brooklyn’s Café Madeline and Milk Bar. As Diner’s Journal reports, the new owners will make only cosmetic changes to the space and want the “spirit of the shop” to remain.

But Hall and Godrey are bringing in a new staff, which means that Adam Baumgart, the baker responsible for Bluebird’s pistachio-cardamom doughnuts, is leaving, and taking his ambrosial baked goods with him. Where he’s going is at this point unknown, but wherever it is, we will go there, empty-handed and drooling, to eat whatever emerges from his oven. He’s taking them to Fort Defiance, which, along with the restaurant’s deviled eggs and muffuletta, gives us yet another good reason to get ourselves back to Red Hook.