Cab Driver Refuses to Go to Brooklyn, Craziness Ensues


We’ve all been denied transit to Brooklyn via taxi now and again, to the extent that Mayor Bloomberg has said he’ll crack down on cabbies who won’t take passengers where they want to go — a promise easier said than done. But this is about the craziest example of it we’ve ever heard. According to the New York Post, two 31-year-old women got into a cab at Sixth Avenue and 44th Street around 2 p.m. Sunday and asked Paul Efobi, the driver, to take them to Bed-Stuy. He really did not want to go there.

The New York Post has video of what ensued, which seems less “scary” as they put it, and more “annoying” and “simply ridiculous,” but there’s lots of entertaining screaming, and some laughing.

Before this part of the ride happened, the cab driver had apparently told the passengers “You’re gonna be sorry!” as well as driving like a maniac up Sixth Avenue, gassing and breaking, weaving from lane to lane, and swearing.

When that failed, he pulled over on 48th Street and told the women the cab was broken. When that failed, he drove “another few feet,” stopped again, and tried to yank them out (this is when the screaming happens). When that failed, he finally found another driver to take the passengers. That guy was ultimately paid $35 for a $25 fare.

Not going to Brooklyn is exhausting!

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