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Daniel Radcliffe Snubbed By Tony Awards!


Last year, the Tony Awards fawned over Hollywood types, and a lot of dyed-in-the-wool theater people didn’t have much of a chance against them.

Well, this time the nominating committee obviously listened to the criticism about all that and swung the curve back to the real theater stars.

(Here are the nominations, announced this morning.)

Not nominated were biggies like Robin Williams, Chris Rock, and Ben Stiller — though none of those were that surprising since they weren’t being predicted to nab slots.

But though they did include names like Al Pacino, Frances McDormand, and Edie Falco, they left out Daniel Radcliffe, whom a lot of folks assumed to be the front-runner to win Best Actor in a Musical!

You can feel the shock all the way from Sardi’s to Junior’s!

I had mixed feelings about Daniel’s performance (in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying) and the Times didn’t like it at all, but he works hard and had some lovely moments.

Oh, well. Perhaps he should have been more ruthless and amoral, like his character is.

P.S.: How did I do with my guesses yesterday? I got 43 out of 53 right. That’s award-worthy in itself.