I Saw Matt Bomer Up Close


You know, the sizzling star of USA’s White Collar.

He was at the network’s “Upfront” event at Lincoln Center last night, where they had their stars come out and introduce clips from their shows, both returning and new.

And Matt and a co-star started it all off with some comedy shtick that didn’t quite go over, but who the hell cared?

He’s a dream on a cloud of marshmallow rainbows.

In person, he’s not as devastatingly sexy as on TV, because the camera really makes his baby blues look shockingly penetrating and his chiseled face seem worthy of the finest art museum.

It’s as if the camera acts as a laser light sculpting his already fine features into some kind of surreal visage radiating superhuman-level perfection.

But he’s still super-cute, mind you.

A very pretty, twinklike, perfectly doable man for all of us to marry.

In our dreams on a cloud of marshmallow rainbows.