Is Snoop-Endorsed Blast By Colt 45 the New Four Loko?; Why Wódka Is Winning


Love beer so much you want to lather with it? Brooklyn Brewery has teamed up with a Williamsburg soapsmith to make artisanal beer soap.
[Brooklyn Paper]

The Cuba Libre is more than just a “rum and Coke.” Add bitters, a splash of gin, and Key lime juice or Meyer lemon juice to kick yours up a notch.
[Washington Post]

Blast by Colt 45, the fruity malt liquor created by Pabst and endorsed by Snoop, is the latest drink to be targeted by government officials since the Four Loko affair.

Meanwhile, Ghostface Killah has unwittingly lent his name to a new beer brewed with five different peppers, including the Bhut Jolokia, which is so hot it can be weaponized.
[LA Times]

A new study reveals that having even a “modest” beer belly or muffin top can double the risk of dying from heart disease or stroke.
[Daily Mail]

India and China are becoming the world’s fastest-growing wine markets, but can one sell wine to the other?
[Wall Street Journal]

Restaurant and bar owners are embracing Wódka and other brands in the growing affordable-luxury-vodka category.