Mike Moran, Firefighter Who Told Osama Bin Laden to Kiss His Ass, Responds to News


Back in October of 2001, Mike Moran, a firefighter whose brother, John Moran, was killed in the World Trade Center attacks, announced to the world at a benefit concert at Madison Square Garden that Osama bin Laden could kiss his “royal Irish ass.” NBC NY followed up with him after Sunday’s news that Osama bin Laden had been killed. He had received a text message.

“Can’t kiss your roral [sic] Irish ass anymore,” read the text.

Knowing that meant bin Laden was dead, Moran’s answer was “Fantastic.” Still a member of the FDNY today, he says he thinks about his brother daily and that John “would have shook his head and been a little embarrassed,” about Moran’s announcement at the Madison Square benefit: “Secretly he would have gotten a chuckle from it. He would have said it better.”

Man Who Told Bin Laden to Kiss His Rear Recalls His Famous Words [NBC NY]