Security High After Bin Laden’s Death; Arab Response Is ‘Muted’; Voice on Bogus 911 Call Sounded Like Cop Accused of Rape


• Good morning! Security in New York City and around the country remains high after Osama bin Laden’s death on Sunday night, as a safety precaution. Authorities say there are no specific threats and that they’ve detected “no increase in possible terror activity or discussion about launching attacks to retaliate for the killing of bin Laden.” [NYP]

 Arab response to bin Laden’s death “has been muted,” reflecting changing times and a “new order.” [WP]

• A Boy Scout troop (6 boys and 2 troop leaders) from Louisiana is missing in the woods in Arkansas, where they were camping over the weekend. There’s no cell service in the area and authorities are also dealing with weather issues that have prevented an aerial serach. [CNN]

• Lt. Herman Arevalo has testified that a voice heard on a bogus 911 call placed on the night that NYPD Officers Kenneth Moreno and Franklin Mata are accused of raping a drunk woman sounded like Officer Moreno. The caller said he was “John Edwards from Canada” and describes a homeless person as a “male white” (cop lingo) before correcting himself. Prosecutors say that the officer staged the call to explain why they made so many trips to the woman’s building. [NYDN]

• The Rent Guidelines Board is holding a preliminary vote on rent hikes for rent-regulated apartments tonight at 5:30 p.m. at Cooper Union. Currently they’re considering a 3.25 percent hike for one-year and a 6.5 percent hike for two-year leases. [NY1]

Tony Award nominations are out today. [NYT]

• Anti-monarchists are up in arms over the BBC’s reporting of the royal wedding, saying that the news organization “abandoned journalism in favour of PR on behalf of the royal family.” Of course, anti-monarchists are, by definition, against royal families. [Telegraph]