There Is Pot in Osama Bin Laden’s Backyard


The Daily News has this tidbit of slightly-related-to-Osama-bin-Laden info: Small plots of marijuana have been found growing in deserted lots on the perimeter of the formerly Most Wanted Terrorist’s compound! Right next to good, wholesome vegetables like cabbage and potatoes! Does this mean Bin Laden was a pothead? Probably not…marijuana grows in tons of places (including New York City), and “Pakistan makes about $4 billion a year from drug trafficking” — though the drug of choice seems to be opium, not weed. Further, there’s no report of bulk Doritos orders for the Bin Laden compound.

However! There is Osama Bin Laden weed, as we learned via just today. It seems to be powerful stuff. Anecdotally.

About 2 weeks ago my friend and I was told our dealer was getting some Osama Bin Laden. When we were told this we instantly went to his place and got an 8th for like $60. When we rolled it in a cigarillo the shit was killing our throat and it smelled like some stright up dank. We smoked that shit and was so high it was like the trippiest thing ever because we were both high as hell for like 3 hours straight.

Osama Bin Laden is 3 different types of weed all grown together and this shit is some straight up kill the baddest of all kill there is I would say because I was trpping.

Saddam Hussein is 2 different types of weed grown together and I smoked it and was very high but not as bad as Bin Laden weed.

And then there’s this:

Feel free to draw your own conclusions.


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