Thistle Hill Tavern’s Owners Are ‘Doing Something New’


Yesterday we heard that maybe, possibly, probably, the owners of Thistle Hill Tavern were planning to open a new restaurant.

So we e-mailed David Massoni, the restaurant’s co-proprietor and general manager, to inquire further. And this is what he wrote back:

“My partner John Bush and I are doing something new in the neighborhood with another Chef. Right now, that is all I can say …”

So it looks like the South Slope is indeed getting a new restaurant. When it opened last May, Sarah DiGregorio predicted “Thistle Hill is going to be popular — with the exception of Lot 2, nothing quite like it exists in the immediate area.” And the restaurant did indeed endear itself to the denizens of the South Slope (thanks in no small part to its grilled octopus). Seeing how well the Euro-Medi-influenced cuisine has done for Thistle Hill, one wonders what its owners will try next. If trend forecasters have anything to say about it, maybe it’ll be duck.

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