Amal Ahmed Abdul Fatah, Osama Bin Laden’s Youngest Wife, Rushed to Save Him


A passport in the Abbottabad, Pakistan compound where Osama Bin Laden was killed has identified Amal Ahmed Abdul Fatah as the woman in the room with Bin Laden when he was killed. According to ABC News, though the story has changed multiple times over the last three days, Fatah is Bin Laden’s youngest wife and ran without a weapon toward the invading Navy SEALs before being shot in the leg and captured; she is being held in Pakistan. Reports today are filling in details about the woman, who U.S. officials initially reported as having been used as a human shield by Bin Laden, an unverified detail later blamed by White House spokesman Jay Carney on the “fog of war.”

In actuality, Fatah is 29-years-old and Bin Laden’s fifth wife, the mother of three of his 18 children, who was “gifted to the al Qaeda leader from a Yemeni family when she was just a teenager.” Three of Bin Laden’s wives previously moved to Syria and he divorced another, ABC reports.

“I would be surprised if this guy would sacrifice a wife for this operation, but I’m sure she was willing to get in front of a bullet for him,” counterterrorism expert Phil Mudd clarified.

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