Arctic Monkeys


It’s been only five years since young British indie-rock media darlings Arctic Monkeys stormed out of the blogs and into the middlestream. Now the group has gotten its footing. Having flirted with punk, stoner rock, and Morrissey-like Britpop, the Monkeys have congealed into a band boasting the best of those genres: frontman Alex Turner sings lyrics that are equally smarmy and witty, he and his bandmates can ably transition between tambourine-driven ’60s dance rock into Iggy-worthy spunk (there’s even a song called “Brick by Brick” on their forthcoming record, Suck It and See), and they haven’t lost sight of their sense of humor (read that album title again). With the Vaccines.

Tue., May 24, 6:30 p.m., 2011