Bye, Bye Beige!


The long-running Tuesday night gay soiree at B Bar is as over as twinks’ faux-hawks.

A place for gays to lounge, dance, and schmooze — especially in the warmer months, when it positively swarmed with the fashion-crazed — it ran on its own mojo, sans promotion, just because it was a gold standard of clubbing that you simply had to be at, especially if you had dropped into town and didn’t know a word of English.

Chatty promoter Erich Conrad, who originally did the bash with the mysteriously elegant Edwige and DJ Billy Beyond, once quipped to me that the place was a “chase lounge,” but it was never all that sexually urgent, especially when the “Web dating” era came around.

It was more about just showing off, catching up, gawking, being cute, and acting like you were cute.

Like Liz Taylor, I thought Beige would always be there because it always had been!

But next Tuesday’s will be the last.

Something about B Bar wanting to just be a restaurant or something.

I guess they were tired of serving chicken with fruit sauce!

Photo: Alex Geana