Chef Boyardee Heiress Writes a Cookbook; Supperclub Holds Illegal Dinner on Subway


As gas prices continue to rise, a number of farmers on small farms are trading in their tractors and returning to animal labor.
[NY Times]

Anna Boiardi, the granddaughter of Mario and great niece of Hector and Paul Boiardi, immigrant brothers who founded Chef Boyardee in 1928, has written a cookbook.
[NY Post]

What’s interesting about Momofuku Milk Bar’s Christina Tosi’s nomination for the James Beard Awards is that it’s in the category of Rising Star Chef instead of Outstanding Pastry Chef.
[NY Times]

The supperclub A Razor, A Shiny Knife held a clandestine 30-minute, 20-course lunch on the L train, and the MTA was not amused.
[NY Times]

Rising food prices means more cellulose in your food: Essentially wood pulp, it’s used to cheaply thicken or stabilize foods, replace fat, and boost fiber content.
[Wall Street Journal]

ABC has pulled the the Ryan Seacrest-produced reality series Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution from the Tuesday lineup, pushing its final episodes to Friday, due to poor ratings.
[Hollywood Reporter]