Clinton Street Baking Co. Is the Best Brunch Spot in the Whole Damn Country


As the constant line outside of Clinton Street Baking Co. attests, people like to eat brunch there, regardless of air temperature, logic, or death stares from the restaurant’s neighbors. And someone has noticed this and named Clinton Street the best brunch spot in the country.]

“Someone” is the editors of Poor Taste Magazine, which last week listed its 100 Best Brunch Spots in America. Clinton Street was recognized for its blueberry pancakes, which “may very well be Platonic ideal of berry-studded flapjack,” as well as its buttermilk-biscuit sandwich with scrambled eggs and bacon, which was deemed a “revelation.” (Also a revelation? Not standing in line to eat breakfast.)

Several other New York restaurants made the list: Diner (no. 8), Sarabeth (no. 13), Northern Spy Food Co. (no. 20), M. Wells (no. 30), egg (no. 42), Buttermilk Channel (no. 48). Café Orlin (no. 52), Elephant & Castle (no. 56), Vesta (no. 62), the Smith (no. 75), the Smile (no. 88), home/made (no. 91), Penelope’s Café (no. 95), and Fatty’s Café (no. 98).

Having read through the list, our eyes are now watering with visions of aged hollandaise sauce and bacon grease, but it will no doubt be a boon to the legions of families looking to reward their long-suffering matriarchs this Sunday.