In Absurd Vodka Promotions this Week: Get a Free SUV with Your $740K Bottle


If cupcake vodka is still leaving a bad taste in your mouth, probably best not to read on. The mother of all vodka promotions has kicked off out of Russia, where a vodka brand often cited as the most expensive in the world is giving away a monster luxury truck when you buy a $740,000 bottle.

First, the truck: According to Fox News, the Iron.Diamond or L4P Ladies Only, targeted at women, is a 999-horsepower SUV built using Soviet military techniques applied to armored vehicles. It features a high-end camera system to help with parking and trim options of snake, crocodile, or elephant skins. Not that you should worry your pretty little head about ever getting one — only 10 were made and the first has been sold to Princess Regina Abdurazakova of Kazakhstan.

Now, the vodka: RussoBaltique comes in a 20-pound case made of solid gold (a previous release by the same company was quoted at $1.3 million per bottle). Buy the bottle and you not only get the above-mentioned vehicle, but a designer vibrator from the Viktor Poontoos collection. We’re not really sure how the three items tie in, other than the fact that they each make us horribly uncomfortable.